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Leaf image processing for wheat hairiness

Type of measurement units: pixels (Pixel) or other (User):
Name of measurement units, if its type is user-defined (for example, mkm):
Width of image in user units to determine measurement scale:
Step of trichome length counting in units defined:
Input image file (png,tif,bmp,jpeg and gif formats supported):


(click on image for full size photo)

The program input is leaf image file in TIFF/PNG/JPG/BMP/GIF format prepared according the protocol (LeafImageProtocol.pdf).

The detailed description of the method could be found in the paper of Genaev et al “Extraction of quantitative characteristics describing wheat leaf pubescence with a novel image-processing technique” (2012) PLANTA, DOI: 10.1007/s00425-012-1751-6

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