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Database scheme

The database contain three main modules describing genotype, phenotype and environment conditions. All the information in these modules is linked via the plant table. The plant is described as the set of phenotypic traits, genotype parameters and environment conditions.

Genotype description includes: plant cultivar, line, parent genotypes, generation for the hybrid plants. Additionally the information about genetic markers is linked to the genotype data.

Phenotype description currently includes: leaf hairiness morphology (trichome density, trichome length distribution). The system allow creating various types of relationships. Each type can describe specific phenotype trait.

Environment description includes: place of growth (greenhouse or field), mean temperature, date of seed sowing etc.

List of available fields


Sowing number
Genotype name
First parent
Second parent
Hybrid status

Molecular markers
Markers data
  Marker name
  Marker type
  Marker localization
  Marker state name
  Marker state value


Basic morphological traits
  Stem length
  Ear count
  Seed count
  Seed mass
  Mass of 1000 seeds
  Seed gluten content
  Seed glossiness

Development stages
  Seeding date
  Germination date
  Tillering date
  Shooting date
  Earing date
  Flowering date
  Seed maturing date

  Main or not
  Ear length
  Spiklet count
  Density index
  Seed count
  Seed mass
  Mass of 1000 seeds
  Shape type

  Relative water content
  Blade width
  Blade length
  Blade thickness

  Leaf number
  Leaf section
  Leaf type
  Lhdetect data


Grow place
Location latitude
Location longitude
Climat type
Average annual temperature
Average annual precipitation
Average temperature in january
Average temperature in july

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