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SeedCounter - Mobile and desktop applications for grain phenotyping

The seeds morphometry in the series of measurements is performed by following steps:

  1. Parameters setup ("Settings" option in the main menu);
  2. Calibration step ("Calibration" option in the main menu);
  3. Measurement step ("Counting" option in the main menu);
  4. Viewing results ("Seed data" option in the main menu).

Using this option the user can define the size of the paper sheet (including user-defined sizes), camera and image resolutions and change the touching seed separation algorithm type (watershed or HSV binarization).

Calibration needed to adjust algorithm parameters for robust paper and seed boundaries determination. To calibrate the program:

The algorithm parameters will be saved automatically.

Measurement of seeds
To perform measurement step:

Viewing data
To view saved data, select "Seed Data" option in the main menu.
Scroll up and down to view the details of the current measurement. Scroll left and right to view other measurements. To clear the list of measurement select "Clean" in the menu. To export data in TSV format select "Export to TSV" in the menu and select measurements for export. You can also to select all measurements for export. To save all the data click on the button "Export".

Mobile version of the SeedCounter application is available on Google Play. Manual for the mobile version of the application is available here.
In case you use a digital camera or a scanner for shooting, you can download the desktop version of the application adapted for phenotyping seeds or tubers of wild potatoes. However, to speed up the phenotyping process, we recommend using our mobile application.

How to cite?
In case you are using the Cid Counter application in your research, please quote this work:
Komyshev E., Genaev M., Afonnikov D. Evaluation of the SeedCounter, a mobile application for grain phenotyping //Frontiers in plant science. – 2017. – Т. 7. – С. 1990.

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