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WERecognizer - console applications for wheat ear morphometry.

The application accepts images of spikes taken on the basis of the proposed protocols (pin or table), analyzes the image, and provides a set of characteristics of the recognized wheat spike.

Protocol 1: Spike is placed vertically in front of a blue background. The support for the spike and the ColorChecker marker are clothespins that fit on a tripod. Using this method, rotating the spike relative to its axis, it is possible to shoot the spike in four or more projections. The distance from the object to the background is 60 cm, to the light sources 100 cm, to the camera 120 cm. The camera mounted on a tripod, the object and the light sources were located at the same height, comfortable for the work of the photographer.

Protocol 2: The ear is placed on the glass of the luminous table, which is located on the table with the blue surface (background). The camera is fixed on the "crane" type stand above the glass. With this method, you can take pictures of the front projection of the spike. The distance from the camera to the object is 70 cm, from the light sources to the object 60 cm, the height of the table is 60 cm, the height of the translucent table with glass (the distance from the object to the blue background) is 20 cm.

Usage: java - jar werecognize.jar input [--out output_directory] [--draw] input - list of input images files or directories containing images. output_directory - directory of output data and images ("./output" by default). Input data: images of wheat ears taken by protocols: "pin" or "table". The input data format: jpg, png, bmp. Output data files:

  1. commonResults.csv - common spike parameters and contour shape indexes.
  2. profileResults.csv - values of the contour sections of the spike.
  3. quadrangleResults.csv - the values of the parameters of the model of two quadrilaterals describing the shape of the spike.
  4. radialResults.csv - values of the parameters of the radial model.
The output format is tabular (csv).

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